03 Agostini Andrea – The Months (March)


Author : Andrea Agostini

Title : The Months of the Year (March new series 2019)

Technique : silk screen printing

Format : cm. 25 x 25


The frame was made in our laboratory completely by hand using the wood of Rummy mothproof guaranteed. We used the demineralized sand to make an effect orange peel, for coloring in white plaster is used of natural pigments, as well as read brushstrokes of heavenly that can be glimpsed. It has been applied to the silver leaf to give greater brightness and elegance.

The passapartout is a cardboard antacid with an inner core in white cellulose has created a three-dimensional effect.

The frame has a section of mm. 20 x 20 – External measurements are cm. 45 x 45 the passapartout has bands of cm. 8.5

All our frames are provided for a certificate that attests to their processing.